Coach Supervision

“ Supervision is about taking a look at yourself through the lens of your professional practice , seeing what may positively or negatively impact you or your clients in your coaching.   Simply put – where the  personal may intrude on the professional.

Coach Supervision Triangle
Coach Supervision Triangle

My philosophy of Coach Supervision  is that it is analogous to advance driving training.  Once we have driven a car, taken our test and passed we can for many years never need to have our driving examined (until we break the law or get caught doing something wrong).  People take advanced driving training to improve, update and check how their driving is doing and to answer the questions:

  • Have we got a bit lazy? ,
  • How recently have we read the latest highway code?,
  • Do we know when we may be breaking the law?
  • When was the last time you drove to a familiar location and wondered ‘how did I get here?

Similarly we may find that happening in our coaching.  Having obtained a credential or certification we may not feel the need to work with another coach professional and examine what we are actually doing in our coaching.  Supervision is about working with a fellow professional together , to have a ‘Super-Vision’ or ‘Over-sight’ over our working practice in a safe reflective way.

This way we can attempt to avoid the potential of getting lazy (driving without thinking) , inadvertently stepping over our Ethical standards (breaking the law), keep up to date with new concepts and learning (reading the latest highway code) and always moving our coaching forward.

I welcome working with coaches of all levels – whether new to coaching, been practicing a while or a seasoned coach.  Details of group Coach Supervision programmes  can be found

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