Certificate in Mentor Coaching for Credentialing Training

This new programme equips an experienced ICF Credentialed Coach to provide a professional service for Mentor Coaching working with coaches wishing to apply for their ACC or PCC credential.

Participants must be an ICF PCC credentialed coach or an ACC Coach with 400+ client coaching hours and have renewed their credential at least once.

The programme also would provide coaches not wishing to become Mentor Coaches with advanced coach training as it takes an in-depth look to develop a greater understanding of the ICF Core Competencies.  The programme run by Hilary Oliver and Tracy Sinclair delivers 36 CCEU’s (Continuing Coach Education Units).

In 2019 we will be starting a second  Virtual programme on November 8th, 2019.  Registrations are now welcomed for this Autumn 2019 Virtual cohort and which completes in July 2020.

For more details and exact 2019/2020 dates please contact me or go to the Coach Advancement website.