About Hilary Oliver

Walking In Partnership
Walking In Partnership

My passion is to support businesses and their leaders to improve their profitability through productivity gains, improved customer service and satisfaction. Skills developed often include leadership effectiveness, focus, communications, planning and creativity.


I believe that everyone has the innate ability to achieve their true potential once they uncover it, explore it and then gain specificity around it.   I support my clients by making links around behaviours, and then supporting them to gain clarity of focus, clarity of goals and clarity of intention, and then help clients to stretch those goals and intentions.  My ongoing coaching supports the practical and pragmatic action plans needed to close the gap and to achieve the stretch.  I will hold you to your commitments firmly but gently and provide encouragement along the way.

Industry Sectors

I work across all industry sectors and the coaching skills I have are eminently transferable. I work mainly in organisations, mainly medium to larger ones.

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I work with individual coaches  to help them develop their skills and undertake mentoring for their accreditation.

If you would like to discuss your executive and leadership coach requirements, or you are a coach looking for support and development, then do contact me.

You can see more details of my background, career history and professional affiliations here.