Professional / Personal Development Skills

Developing True Potential
Developing True Potential

I offer a range of tailored programmes focusing on individual personal and professional development areas.

The main programmes are:

Feedback skills

A key skill needed in today’s world is being able to give effective feedback that is truly heard, whether appreciative, developmental or corrective.  This programme can be delivered either in 1/2day or full day formats for groups.

Influencing Skills

An important skill for leaders in today’s flattened management system and the growing matrix system.  Influencing others to enable you to succeed where you don’t have the ‘authority’ card to play.  A full days workshop is available for this programme.

Presentation skills Masterclasses

Whether it’s standing up in front of your team, the company or presenting to a wider audience, creating a presentation that engages people is a vital skill for leaders.  A one to two-day Masterclass is available to either develop or hone your skills.  1:1 coaching sessions are available for support in preparing key presentations.

Personal Effectiveness Management

Often called ‘time management’, however, in reality, it is about personal management. Understanding why you do things, why you put off doing things and how to say No without offending or hurting your career.  ½ – 1-day workshops are available to focus on this challenging issue in today’s 24/7 environment.

Communication skills

Have you ever walked away from a conversation wondering what someone wanted or thinking that they just didn’t get what you are saying?  Become skilled in understanding others communication styles and how to flex towards people so that you have effective conversations that move things forward.  ½ – 1-day programmes are available.


Programmes can be customized to fit individual requirements.

If you have a need for personal or professional development in any of these or similar areas, then do contact me.